Is the Time ever Right??

What is the matter with me? I mean, apart from my usual mild madness ...  The minute I know I have something to do at a particular time I feel stressed.  It doesn't matter that it is something ridiculously easy, I still feel stressed.

It's not the task itself that stresses me, it's the having to be ready to act at a particular time. And it's not as if my 'duties' were written in tablets of stone either! It's up to me to organise myself as I wish so why on earth do I keep looking at the clock anticipating the next thing I have to do.

Here is a classic example: my lovely neighbours are away for a few days and I always look after their animals during their absence.  I love animals and they seem to like me too so there is no anxiety there.  I know roughly what their care routine is but so long as I keep reasonably close to it I don't have to clock in or out.  Yet, the minute I have completed one round of feeding, I feel such a sense of relief that it is totally our of proportion with the situation at hand!  Not only that but I then start clock watching and feeling tense about the next round. I drive myself crazy!!

The only thing I can think of is that my nervous system is still very fragile.  The catastrophic breakdown I experienced over six years ago now has left me with some 'nervous wobbliness'. It helps me to watch the short video in which I explain what a wonderful doctor once told me.  The creased piece of paper I am now cannot function as a pristine sheet anymore.  I need to accept my fragility. This isn't easy because it sounds so defeatist but, if I am totally honest, I know that I am being self-aware more than self-sabotaging.  In fact, my refusal to face up to my current fragility would be an act of self-sabotage!

I have always been acutely aware of time and I have always been a good tim-keeper.  I always know roughly what the time is even if I don't have a watch.  I occasionally 'lose time' when I am fully involved in a task - writing in particular.  I used to think of this as a good thing but nowadays I am not so sure.... I wish I could forget time altogether!  My positive quality has become an overdone strength and, in the process, a pain in the rear.

So, what shall I do ....

I haven't the faintest idea!  That's OK though because one thing I can handle really well is being in the Not Knowing (as we coaches used to say).  I haven't a clue and at least i feel quite relaxed about that :D

We cannot bring back the

We cannot bring back the time. Thus, we should make it worthwhile. - Paramount Song

Nothings wrong with you. Its

Nothings wrong with you. Its your mind that is playing tricks on you. Just focus on what yo uare doing and you will be fine.
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