Tremendous Techy Teaching!

Gabrielle teaching with pointed finger

I don't know how you feel about it but I have felt overwhelmed and somewhat intimidated by all the technological innovations that are about these days: wiki, twitter, RSS, to name but a few. What is all that stuff ?!? Well, salvation is at hand.

I have just come across some of the best technical teaching videos I have ever seen. The format - pieces of paper moved on camera - is truly inventive and the content is second to none: short, clear, informative and great fun! Teaching at its best.

The company that makes these short explanatory videos is Commoncraft and the chap whose voice you hear is Lee Lefever. Have a look at the video they have made on RSS Feed - if you've ever wondered what the hell that is, then this is the place to start. Here is RSS Feed in Plain English:

Common Craft also do videos on:

They are all as good as one another. I encourage you to let all your friends know about Commoncraft and their 'In Plain English' video series.

Happy learning :0)

A bit more about RSS Feeds

Let's take my site, for example. If you subscribe to my blog, you don't need a RSS Feed to be kept informed about my updates because you'll get a weekly Email telling you about them. If you subscribe to my blog plus nine other blogs, then a RSS Feed may be useful because it will cut down on the number of Emails you receive - no more update Emails necessary. Also, a RSS Feed enables you to keep updated on any/multiple sites without having to give your Email address (which is necessary to subscribe) - this may be a good idea when you don't really know the people who own the sites you wish to be kept informed about. I hope this extra little bit of information is useful to you :0)

Oops - forgot to say...

In case you wonder, there are two ways into a RSS Feed from my Blog: at the top left-hand corner under my photo (My RSS Feed) or at the bottom right-hand corner of the home page (the little orange logo).

The teaching process is good.

The teaching process is good. We can learn so much from this. - Paramount Song

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