Valentine's Day letter from Beanie

Following in the tradition of this blog, my fellow Bi-Polar Lander Taunta Beanie Taylor has written this lovely message for Valentine Day.  She has addressed it to me but I think it also needs to be addressed to herself because we are all our own sweetest friend - and if we're not, we should be.

I love some of her language - in particular the 'bullheaded rising from her toes'!

Thank you Beanie  and Happy Valentine's Day everyone :D


My Sweet Friend;

ACK! here it is Valentine's Day, and though I may not celebrate this "Hallmark Holiday", I choose it to be the day I start my newest project! Well of course, since it's about, not learning to love myself, but putting that into practice.

Practice--that's something we all seem to need when it comes to unconditional love, especially of ourselves. Why is it we expect some unrealistic image of perfection from ourselves, yet we would forgive our "flaws" if they were in someone else? I think I have learned to appreciate what I grew up thinking were my flaws, but now we shall see, as I "break up housekeeping" as Grandma Vi calls it, at the same time as I take a trip to encounter the Monsters of This Age.....

THANKS BE I am FULL of Appalachian stubbornness :P Did I ever tell you I moved to Southern California one week after my dad said I couldn't? Previously I had just been thinking about it. This time, there's that little thing the docs call PTSD that is telling me "you can't!" I can feel the bull-headed rising up from my toes-

-or maybe that's the muscles reminding me "you shouldn't" that are thankful for the "time to relax" being on the road will be. Who takes a trip when they are down to the line on a move? Me apparently! What a great whirlwind I seem to be on, but I don't think I would have it any other way. How lucky I am that my "issues" have both given me the time to accomplish great things, as well as contain the need to clean and organize. 

The hubbabubba is right-I will need the break! For now it's back to packing and moving. I see the next tornado coming by. Excuse me while I catch a riiiiddddeeeee.......


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i need a friend like Beanie

i need a friend like Beanie lol that was nice

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Following in the tradition of this blog, my fellow Bi-Polar Lander Taunta Beanie Taylor has written this lovely message for Valentine Day.

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A nice Valentine greeting,

A nice Valentine greeting, not the usual hearty and cheesy ones. You're just being real and that's one thing I can appreciate. I don't want those that sugar coat the reality but I don't want it straight either. I want it to be real and hoping I can find someone real here.

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